18 Jul

We try really hard to cut back on plastics in our home. These products help in that category by giving us reusable receptacles, and peace of mind. Sustainability isn't something that comes naturally to most people, us at the top of that list. This is a quick starting point! If you have anything in your home you feel like could be a good addition, let me know in the comments.

Glass Tumbler Cup - $33.99 on Amazon - we use these at any coffee shop we go to for iced coffee as opposed to traditional plastic cups and paper straws!

Glass Spray Bottles -$37.98 on Amazon -Pack of 6; I use these for all of our homemade household cleaners. The pack of 6 was perfect. I will reference those with directions on how to make in a future post!

 Large Glass Jar - $26.99 on Amazon - For our homemade laundry detergent

Reusable Razor - $23.49 on Amazon - Alex and I each have one of these, for several reasons: no plastic waste, a cleaner shave, less skin irritation, and significantly cheaper than traditional shaving systems. See link below for blades. 

Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades for Safety Razor - $4.95 on Amazon - Y'ALL, less than $5 for fifty blades. They recommend changing them weekly, or every three shaves. That's probably over 150 shaves because who actually does everything by the books..?

 Variety Pack Mason Jars - $35.70 on Amazon - we use these for everything; from storing pantry goods, to fermentation, to drinking glasses, you can never have enough

 Square Spice Jars -$29.91 on Amazon - who doesn't love a uniform spice cabinet?

 HiBar Shampoo and Coditioner - $21.88 on Amazon -a solid shampoo and conditioner bar set with no plastic in the packaging!This is the specific one we use, but they are all great!

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