16 Jul

When it comes to feeding, we go pretty minimalist, I'll throw a silicone bib on if I remember, but 99% of the time, little man is eating meals naked because it is what is easiest to clean afterwards. We don't have any fancy "splat mats" to put under his high chair, we really just rely on the dogs for clean up. With Alex being a chef, we have a Vitamix we use to make our own purees, which I'll link, but I am also going to link a food processor I wish I had at times! 

If you have any suggestions or products you swear by, send them my way, I'm always open to new things!

Infantino Squeeze Station - $24.99 on Amazon

Baby Breastmilk Popsicle Molds and Baby Fruit Feeder -$16.79 on Amazon

Baby Led Weaning Supplies - $29.99 on Amazon (I love the cup that comes with this set, 3 ways to drink)

 3-in-1 Convertible Wooden High Chair - $119.99 on Amazon (so easy to clean, and I can't lie, I love how chic it looks)

Clip on High Chair - $59.99 on Amazon (we take this with us anytime we are o the go!)

Baby Food Maker - $84.99 on Amazon (Multifunction baby food processor, chopper, grinder, steamer, puree blender with built in bottle warmer, auto-cooking & SELF CLEANS)

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender - $449.95 on Amazon - This is the blender I use to make all of his purees, and we use it A LOT for ourselves as well. Definitely a kitchen staple in our house! 

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